Retail, Service and Wholesale of military trucks produced and manufactured by the official HG Factory located in Guangdong China. HG Factory also known as hengguan manufactures and produces the highest quality and scaled military vehicles, crawlers and Cars. The military vehicles for example are exact replica of the real life military trucks.

HG RC Factory manufacture and produces the best, advanced and realistically made military models including trucks, cars, trailers and many more. These models are designed to look and work like the real models. Majority of these military models are RTR which means the are ready to run and customers do not have to do any custom configuration or customisation. Not to mention these high quality RC military models comes with the latest technology for immediate driving pleasure

Crawler Models

HG Factory produces rc crawlers which are able to climb over any terrain or rock with an ease. These fantastic RC Crawlers are designed with the best engineering and there is a wide variety of option here at HG factory, these include normal rc crawler cars and military crawlers. HG RC Crawlers have an outstanding grip and torque which makes it possible to climb majority all of kind of rocks and obstacles

military Models

Not only does HG Factory produces RTR versions, they also manufacture and produce Kit version for some of the military models. Kit versions are usually made for experienced hobbyist who want to assemble and build the model by themselves. Customers who are beginner level to remote control models are not recommended to buy kit versions.

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