Our company is the global leader for importing and exporting HG RC Military Toys. Been the leading supplier and an official authorised dealer for HG RC Models, there is simply no better place to purchase these type of military models other than us. As part of our partnership, we SOLELY retail and wholesale the latest HG RC Military trucks, Crawlers, Hummers and kit models to customers all over the world. Furthermore, we have a wide range of HG spare parts for the entire HG Fleet which are ready to be shipped to customers. We are currently in the progress of putting these models in more warehouses overseas to cater for our outgrowing customers worldwide. As an official dealer, we can guarantee you that you will receive quality Military models that matches the advertising and lives up to expectation.

PAERTS NOTE:  Customers who did not purchase any of the HG products direct from the HG website will be Charge shipping fee for any parts you order from us! 

USA Warehouse. we have stocks in the USA now. Please note that products in USA fulfilment centre is solely shipped within the USA regions only. If the product ordered  is out of stock in our warehouse then we will have to ship from our factory in china which will take slightly longer 7-14days but it will still be delivered on time. 

We are aware that fostering a positive workplace culture is the first step in offering superior service. People who like their workplace are more inclined to treat clients with dignity and respect. You can be confident that every interaction you have with our company will be positive since our staff enjoys their work environment and we provide them with a fantastic product to be proud of.

We have built a global sales network that reaches every continent. You can buy outstanding HG RC MODELS from us even if you do not reside in one of our top market location. 

ABOUT HG FACTORY: Guangdong Hengguan Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Fengxin Industrial Zone, Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, It was founded in 2008 with a construction area of 13000 square meters. Hengguan Technology is a technology company that specialises in RC model research and development , manufacturing and sales service.
Hengguan Technology is based on the business philosophy of "honesty and pragmatism, innovative products, efficient management and customer service". With high quality production and perfect service to every customer commitment. Over the years, it has won the praise and affirmation of customers, and has been awarded the honorary titles of “abide by contracts and keep good faith”, "honesty unit", "civilized business unit" and so on. HG products sell well all over the world and it is exported to Europe, the United States, Asia and other countries.


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